Saturday, December 6, 2008


Josiah (6) and Grace (2) typically begin playing together with an exchange that goes something like this: "I be da princess and you be da bad guy." "No, you be the princess and I'll be the horse!" They go back and forth and frequently reach a peaceful agreement on roles. One day, it ended with Grace being the Mommy and Josiah being the monkey.

Grace [with a cheerful, sing-song voice]: "OK, monkey! It's time to go to school!"

Josiah [calling to me]: "Mo-om, do monkeys go to school? [Not waiting for my answer, he continues] Oh! I bet monkeys are homeschooled, like me!"


Show of hands...How many people were relieved when the runoff election was over in Georgia on Tuesday? Jason answered one of the four election-related phone calls we received, or at least answered, on Monday.

Lady: "Good evening, sir. I am calling on behalf of the [insert political association here] to tell you about the real Saxby Chambliss--"

Jason [interupting]: "Oh, I will be so glad when the election is over tomorrow. Won't you? I mean, we keep getting all these phone calls, plus all the TV and radio ads, and it just goes on and on...Won't you be glad when it's over and decided?"

Lady: "Yes, sir. I will be."

And then she hangs up on him! Really, it's a talent that we share.

[Note to self: If I vote by absentee ballot, I will get a call every day reminding me to mail it in. Also, we really need to get Caller ID so we won't have to answer all of those phone calls.]
Grace: "Mommy, you a sweet girl!"
If you happened to be in our local Wal-mart yesterday, you may have seen a crazy looking "fairy" flying--or as my mom would have said, flitting--around our cart in the check out line...

Grace wasn't going for a fairy costume. It just worked out that way.


Josiah [in the car, on the way home after a busy day]: "I am so ready to go to sleep!"

This is a sentence that I don't think the child ever said and meant. I had to include it. And you know what? He actually went to bed quickly last night.


Dawn said...

Oh, my gosh those political calls were making me insane! The best line I heard (not on a call) was about Saxby Chambliss sounding like the name of a fancy font. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Grace was the prettiest fairy flitting around Wal-Mart.
All we got were recordings. There is no fun in that. I could hear Jason saying that as I was reading it. HaHa.


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