Monday, November 26, 2012

Product Review: Custom Vinyl Banner

I was recently contacted by a representative from about a product review.  I was offered the chance to receive a free vinyl banner or another product from their website, so I decided to design a simple outdoor banner to promote our church's yearly VBS--one that can be reused each year no matter what the theme.

The design process was extremely easy.  I decided to design the banner using one of the templates on rather than uploading a file, which was also an option for uploading the full design or a particular graphic element such as a logo.

During the design process, I had the choice of various templates for the banner.  I chose a rather plain one since I already had in mind the text layout I wanted and knew that I didn't want any images or designs with the text.  (I could have also started from scratch with a blank template.)  During the customization process, I chose two different fonts out of a total of 40 available fonts as well as the colors of the text and background.  A preview of what my banner would look like was always in sight, updated instantly as I made changes, and I could easily play around with the fonts of the two text lines to get the look I wanted.  I could have added clip art at this point, too, but I  wanted only text on this banner.

Here is a screen shot of a recreation of the design process.  :)

You can see the pop-up box for the color wheel in the bottom left quadrant of the screen shot where you can customize the color palette, and there is an eyedropper tool, too, to copy a specific color from elsewhere.

Because this was a product review, I was instructed to email the company representative my cart number so she could complete the transaction.  I was able to do this step within the design process, which is a great feature for someone who is designing a product but needs final approval or input from another person before placing the order.

Since I emailed the representative my cart number and then exited the website, I received a friendly email from asking if I needed any assistance with my order. In addition to the email order confirmation (November 13th), I received an email with installation instructions for the ready-to-hang banner (illustrated instructions with the best way to attach the banner to a pole, a fence, the side of a building, etc.).  I also received an email letting me know my banner had been shipped (November 16th), as well as an email letting me know that my banner had been delivered (November 20th). 

I have been very pleased with during the entire process.  The design process was very easy, and both production and shipping were fast.  Communication was excellent, and I appreciate the email letting me know the banner had been delivered because my address is very similar to--and frequently confused with--another address in my neighborhood.  The banner looks great!  It looks very durable and I think this will be a fantastic way to advertise VBS at our church for many years in a row.  I appreciate this opportunity to review a product and look forward to working with this company again in the future.

Want to see the finished product?

There are metal grommets on each of the four corners.

Banners can be for indoor or outdoor use; I chose the outdoor option.  I chose the standard 2x4 foot banner, although there were many options for the size of the banner. also has window graphics, stickers, magnetic signs for cars, car lettering, and several other graphic products.  Their website is well-organized with information provided on their various products.

Disclaimer:  In exchange for this product review, I received a custom vinyl banner from  All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 


Unknown said...

This one looks great. I always love reading your reviews. Thanks for sharing.

Paint Masks said...

Your posts are simply fabulous and inspiring . Thanks for the inspiration!

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