What is a Cheeky Cocoa Bean?

When Grace was about 14 months old old, she came up to me absolutely begging for a "cocoa pean." I just stood there for what seemed like forever to my little girl, trying to figure out what she might be asking for. "Cocoa pean"? I had no clue!

Until, that is, I looked past her frustrated, tear-filled eyes and saw that she was holding a clipboard.

A clipboard. Then, I got it. (Yes, I am amazed, too.) She wanted to draw with a pen, only in her mind she was trying to say "coloring pens." Oh, the look of pure joy on her face when I handed her a pen and she immediately started drawing on her paper!

After a few months of this becoming a commonly heard phrase in our family, Robert began playing a game with Grace where he would call her a cheeky cocoa bean while gently squeezing her chubby cheeks, and she would become indignant and say that he was a cheeky cocoa bean. She would also come running to me to tattle, "Momma, Robert call me a cheeky cocoa bean!"

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