Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Praying Mantis

Photos are SOOC.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our new addition

No, not that kind of "new addition."

Or that kind.

But I think it's still a great addition! (Even if my husband is less than enthusiastic about my posting these photos. I have apparently crossed a line.)

With all the rain we had earlier this week, I had plenty of time to come up with a fabulous idea of how to extend my existing clothes line with the several feet of line I had left over by tying one end of the line to the porch post...

The existing two lines around the porch posts are on the left of the photo, and the new line is on the right

and tying the other end to our swing set.

Now I can hang an entire load of whites on the clothes lines at the same time!

Plus, this little extension will hopefully also extend the time I will use the clothes line during the year, since this portion is in the sun for more hours of the day.

Why, yes, I am easily amused. And, no, I don't have a belt with my name on it...although I did when I was about 8 years old. ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our "Garden"

About the only thing I've been able to grow this year has been flowers and herbs. Grace has really enjoyed the morning glories that recently started blooming!

She named one spot where morning glories grow in our yard "Morning Glory Garden," and she makes a trip outside to pick as many flowers as I'll let her each morning (or as many as she can get away with).

And, yes, she is usually still in her pajamas.

These morning glories originally came from seeds I bought when Robert was the one picking me flowers--at least 8 years ago. When it's time to cut down the vines, I make sure some seeds fall where I want the vines to grow the following year and that takes care of it without needing to plant any seeds by hand.

And there are some places I don't let them grow anymore...

Robert (age 6) with monstrous morning glories that took over our front porch
September 2003

What about you? Have you grown anything this summer?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Overheard: The Anniversary Edition

Grace: Happy anniversary, Mommy!

Grace (5) in particular kept telling me "Happy anniversary" throughout the day and promising me different gifts, like some of her money. It became the running joke of the day because she always said "Mommy's anniversary" and didn't mention Jason, even though she understands that we celebrated our anniversary because it was like the birthday of our wedding date. Even Josiah (9) kept referring to it as "Mom's anniversary."


Since we were in Athens, we had to get some Krispy Kreme donuts as we were heading home. Robert (14) pretended he didn't want any, and then we pulled into the parking lot...

Grace [bubbling with excitement]: Too bad, Robert! You're getting Rice Krispies!!

Robert [laughing]: They're Krispy Kremes, not Rice Krispies.

Grace [still bubbling with excitement, and now talking in a sing-song voice]: We're getting Krispy Kremes for Mommy's anniversary! And also...

She paused for effect, and I really thought she was going to add "Daddy's anniversary.", no.
Grace: I'll give you 20 cents when we get home!

The 20 cents was Grace's anniversary gift to me. She was disappointed that she forgot to bring her money in the car.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Overheard: Flashback

From April 2011, when Robert was 13 and Josiah was 8...

Josiah [who spent much of April discussing plans for a garden that never really happened because he found out he wasn't as good at digging through our Georgia clay as he imagined]: I'm very interested in plants--

Robert [interrupting]: Josiah wants to be an old lady when he grows up.

Josiah [continuing his monologue, completely undeterred by his brother's attempt to discourage him]: Well, without plants we wouldn't have football. We'd just have mud, and that's not as much fun.

Robert: Yes, thanks to pickles, we have football.

Wow. Talk about a bad neighborhood.

This sign will likely look familiar to some of the moms in my homeschool playgroup. It amused me enough to take a picture of it a few months ago...and as I drove along my route this week, I noticed that someone finally added the necessary "D" to the sign. I was wondering just what kind of barbershop that was, and, really, who would even want go to a barbershop where you needed to use guns? (The only danger was from two businesses sharing one sign.)

"Fry Urgol" still hasn't been fixed yet. ;)
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