Sunday, September 4, 2011

Overheard: The Anniversary Edition

Grace: Happy anniversary, Mommy!

Grace (5) in particular kept telling me "Happy anniversary" throughout the day and promising me different gifts, like some of her money. It became the running joke of the day because she always said "Mommy's anniversary" and didn't mention Jason, even though she understands that we celebrated our anniversary because it was like the birthday of our wedding date. Even Josiah (9) kept referring to it as "Mom's anniversary."


Since we were in Athens, we had to get some Krispy Kreme donuts as we were heading home. Robert (14) pretended he didn't want any, and then we pulled into the parking lot...

Grace [bubbling with excitement]: Too bad, Robert! You're getting Rice Krispies!!

Robert [laughing]: They're Krispy Kremes, not Rice Krispies.

Grace [still bubbling with excitement, and now talking in a sing-song voice]: We're getting Krispy Kremes for Mommy's anniversary! And also...

She paused for effect, and I really thought she was going to add "Daddy's anniversary.", no.
Grace: I'll give you 20 cents when we get home!

The 20 cents was Grace's anniversary gift to me. She was disappointed that she forgot to bring her money in the car.

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