Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bible Quiz

This morning, two of the kids had an impromptu Bible quiz over cereal bowls.

#1: OK, where was Daniel put?

#2: In the lions' cave.

#1: Hmmm..."cave" is OK. The Bible calls it the lions' den, but I'll take "cave." Now, was Daniel goofy, a fun guy to play with, or someone who prayed to God?

#2: Prayed to God.

#1: Right! Now, was Daniel a young man or an old man when he was in the lions' den?

#2: Old man.

#1: Right! Why didn't the lions eat Daniel?

#2: 'Cause their mouths were shut.

#1: Who shut their mouths?

#2: The angel.

This was Josiah quizzing Grace! He told her the story of Daniel in the lions' den yesterday (probably several times, knowing Josiah) and was reviewing it with her this morning!


Anonymous said...

He is going to be an awesome teacher someday. He always likes to help the little ones with their work. --Sharron

Eli's Lids said...

Found your blog while blog hopping.
This is great! I hope that my kiddos are quizing each other like that someday too!!

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