Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's not easy being the Tooth Fairy

Sigh...The poor Tooth Fairy has to deal with so much these days. It's just not like it was when I was a kid and children were content to get $.25 or even less in exchange for each lost tooth. Nowadays, the Tooth Fairy is apt to run into notes such as least in my house:

(Name removed to protect the greedy child's identity. And, yes, he does know that the words he used were not numbers or single letters, and that he should spell them out correctly. He also knows the correct usage of "a" vs. "an." I guess it's all to be "cool"...or maybe he thinks the Tooth Fairy is not the Grammar Fairy, so he figured it didn't matter. But if he knew that this was making it onto the blog, he would care. And not about the grammatical errors. don't mention this to him!)

Not surprisingly, the child's tooth remains untouched by the Tooth Fairy. I don't blame her...Why risk it?

P.S. Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Christmas tree decorating contest! I appreciate your votes! :) And congratulations to Lori Downs (#24 in the contest listing), who won by a landslide! :)


Unknown said...

Thank god I havent seen any of those notes, Jelly bean already has an ipod I cant imagine what else she would threaten

and a little birdie told me that I was in your blog, you are so sweet!! so Thank you!! Just so you know the zune is going to a needy teenager! That is why I had so many votes, its what we do in this neck of the woods!! we believe in RAOK!! and I am very touched by your blog thank you

Anonymous said...

You better watch out that tooth fairy may think one tooth is not enough.


Donaldson 7

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