Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas Pageant

Did I ever tell you the time that Robert was about 5 years old and sang with the children's choir at Christmas? He was standing next to a boy who was just a little older than he was and they just rubbed each other the wrong way--always had. I always had to keep them separate when I taught them in Sunday School. The children were singing a song and "rocking" baby Jesus in their arms...only Robert and the other boy were swinging their craddled arms very solidly into each other, in time to the music. This boy was a stockier kid than Robert, but Robert gave as good as he got. (Not something I'm proud of...I'm just sayin'...He wasn't innocently on the receiving end.) And, of course, they were right out in front, so the Christmas assault was in full view of everyone in the congregation.

Jason and I were slouched down in our seats--or maybe we were doubled over and trying really hard not to let anyone hear us laughing! (I can't say that we were successful.)

They were never placed next to each other during performances after that. I recently talked with the other boy's mom and (fortunately) we both laughed about this particular memory!


Our Christmas program Sunday night was not nearly as exciting as that particular Christmas (whew!). The music was absolutely beautiful and gave you goose bumps, and all of the children kept their hands--and elbows--to themselves during their songs. ;)
Josiah is the second blurry child on the left.

The adult choir:

Merry Christmas!

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