Monday, October 12, 2009


Grace loves bedtime stories, of course, and also loves "reading" to her baby Emily (sometimes as a stalling tactic when it's bedtime).

Last night she fell asleep with a book...again...

Most of time these last few weeks, Grace has been sleeping on a pallet beside my side of the bed. Because really, why sleep in a comfortable bed in your own room when you can sleep on the floor?

Oh, yeah...I remember now...because she doesn't mind sleeping on the floor...See?

This is her pallet beside our bed, where she ends up most nights now.

Confession time...Actually, she gets this honest! I often slept as closely as I could to my mom when I was little, sleeping beside her bed and even sleeping on the kitchen floor sometimes while she was still awake watching TV in the den. I eventually slept with my pillow just inside my doorway for a while before I figured out that my bed was a fine place to sleep. I just hope Grace outgrows it faster than I did!! :)
I also walked in my sleep (Robert does this, too) and talked in my sleep (all three of the kids do this. Come to think of it, I still do sometimes...poor Jason). It's a wonder we get any sleep around here. ;)
So, did you--or do your children--do any of these kinds of things when they should be sleeping peacefully in their own beds?


busymomof10 said...

My children have all been good sleepers, sometimes sleeping a bit too soundly! However, they have all taken their turn at crawling in bed with me and my husband or with an older sibling. Matthew (recently turned 7) is still trying to wean himself from sleeping with his oldest sister, who has been like a second mother to him, and is learning to take his place in the boys' room! It seems to me that young children would rather sleep on a floor, a couch, in a sleeping bag, or with a sibling or parent, than in their own beds! But, eventually they outgrow it!

I LOVED the pictures of Grace! My oldest daughter LOVED babies when she was little and slept exactly like Grace with all of her babies tucked in beside her! SO cute!!

I also have pictures of children falling asleep in the strangest of places and in various stages of dress or undress! Precious, hilarious memories! :)

Enjoy your precious little ones!

Mama to 12, so far said...

How cute! Looks like she will have lots of babies when she grows up! LOL!

Kathleen said...

Soooo sweet!!

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