Monday, April 13, 2009


Grace no longer refers to President Obama as "Baka Mama." He is now "Baka Kamama." Well, she has the number of syllables right now...She is also aware that she is close but not getting it right, because she will say "Baka Kamama" and then ask, after a long pause, "What's his name?"


Me [reading from a book about animal sounds]: What does a rooster say?

Grace [with a big grin on her face]: Horton hears a Who! [laughs, covering her mouth] I just being silly, Mommy. It's really "cock-a-doodle-doo!"

And when Grace says "being silly," it usually comes out more like "be-yun selly."


An actual conversation overheard in our kitchen last night…

Robert: If you eat all your eggs, you’ll turn into a true princess!

Grace: Really?!?

Robert [matter-of-factly]: That’s how I turned into a true princess.

Grace [filled with wonder]: You’re a true princess?!?

Robert [matter-of-factly]: Yes.

Grace [skeptical]: Where’s yur spinnin’ dress?

Robert [matter-of-factly]: It’s my shirt.

It worked...Grace finished eating her eggs!

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