Friday, April 24, 2009

Overheard: The Vacation Edition and more!

The Vacation Edition

During the drive down to Valdosta...

Me [hoping this wasn't the start of an illness]: Why are you sneezing so much, Grace?

Grace [seriously]: 'Cause I have bad feelings.


While waiting for our food at the Waffle House, Josiah was waving out the window as people drove up and parked.

Me: Are you the greeter?

Josiah [seriously]: Not so much. I don't really work here.


On the way back home, we stopped off at a dog show in Perry...

Josiah: If I had a dog like that, I'd name her Hannah Montana and dye her hair blonde!

Grace: If I had a dog like that, I'd name her Hannah Montana. [pauses to look at another dog] If I had a dog like that, I'd name her Charlotte!

Charlotte is the name of her newest doll that Ms. Carol gave her for her birthday.


Josiah: I like the dogs who lick me the most!


We also stopped at High Falls State Park to stretch our legs. All three kids fell while walking along the trails at various times, so each came home with a (minor) scraped knee. One reacted more dramatically than the others...

Josiah [wailing after falling at High Falls]: Well, don’t just stand there! Can’t you see I’m hurt?!?

I took this picture a couple of minutes after Josiah had fallen. Apparently it wasn’t too terribly bad, because he was happily heading further away from the first aid kit in our car.


And More...

While putting Grace to bed...

Grace: Mommy, you're da best!

Me: The best what?

Grace: Da best Mommy!

Me: And you are the best Grace.

Grace: And Daddy is da best Daddy, and my brudders are da best brudders! [joyfully hugs me] I love all da peepul in my family! [more serious tone] And Mommy, I love your sons.



While at a pet store...

Josiah: When I get a dog, if he's been good, I'll give him a bedtime snack at night--a treat! And if he's been really good, I'll give him two bedtime snacks!

Jason Slade: How will you know if he's been really good?

Josiah [seriously]: If he listens to Grace.

The adoration is mutual.


While at the same pet store...

Grace [looking around, bewildered]: Where's all da dogs?

Jason Slade: They don't have any dogs here, just these cats.

Grace [roaring]: Rar! Rar!

Jason Slade [amused]: They're not that kind of cat.

Grace [matter-of-factly]: I just scarin' dem!

And she's not that kind of three year old girl, who is all mushy over cats.

And, yes, I am seeing the whole dog theme. They don't have me fooled. They are trying to chip away at my resolve...


Mama to 12, so far said...


Take my dog for instance.....

No really, just come take the dog! You can have her!


Staci A said...

Kids say the cutest things!

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