Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Grace [looking at a funny picture of herself around 9 months old]: Momma, I want you ta put dis on thuh-buh-log [the blog]!


Josiah [incredulous]: You mean I behaved all day for nothin'? [muttering under his breath as he leaves the room] What a waste!


Jason [singing part of a song he made up that uses any of our children's names]: There once was a little girl named Grace.

Grace [singing to the same tune]: There once was a little girl named Daddy.


Robert [after picking up the library books that were being held for me]" They're all for people like you. [BIG goofy grin]

The titles? One was from the "Complete Idiot's" series, and the other was from the "Dummies Guide" series. Oh, hardy-har-har.


Beth Moore [quoting a friend of hers, during the introductory session of the "Psalms of Ascent" Bible study that began at our church tonight, talking about overcoming nervousness, self-consciousness, etc.]: You're not good enough to mess God up!

Remind yourself of that the next time you are nervous about doing or saying something. And, please, remind me, too.


Grace [eating ice cream with Daddy]: Oh! My nose is cold! It needs a jacket!


Grace [excitedly opening the door for me as I came home from Bible study]: Hi, Mommy! We made cookies! And we saved you some! [She paused as she ran over to pick up the container on the the table, which she excitedly held out to me] HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

No, it's not my birthday. ;) Did I mention she was excited?


Mc Allen said...

wow, these are so cute and the Beth M. quote is so darn true. Im gonna write that down( you do that when you have 3 teen daughters and your brain is mush...lol) ♥ LA

Unknown said...

I am going to have remember beth's quote!!! And grace is just too cute!! how can you not resist a little girl named daddy!!

Anonymous said...

Overheard: HaHa. I love your overheard sections. It reminded me of "Miss Sharwin, if you turn off da movie I will be very sad when I go home". And made me smile all over again. Grace is so funny. I just adore her.

About Beth: I am doing my homework at work in the mornings. This morning was feeling guilty because I have not yet been able to bring myself to go face down on the floor here at work to talk to God. I was so relieved when she addressed just that problem in the beginning of day 2. It was the same exact thing I was struggling with. Me and our dear custodian Marie are the only ones here in the mornings and I was afraid she'd come in and think I had fell out or something and it would scare her. I love the way God send us little messages just when we need them.


Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Sharron, at least you have been doing your homework!! I'd better get busy or else I'll be doing it all in one day! :)

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