Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by my imaginary friend* Lori Downs with instructions to post the 6th photo in my 6th folder. When she tagged me, she said, "I bet it will be a kiddo!" 'bout two kiddos? :)

January 2007...This is a photo of Robert and Josiah with Robert's new bow and arrow (junior set) that he had gotten for Christmas in 2006. This was immediately before we got a bale of hay for him to use with target practice. We have a really long back yard so he was hitting nothing but yard here.

If you look really closely, you may see a little bit of red poking out of Josiah's collar. He has a Spiderman costume (bodysuit) underneath his clothes. He wore it to the point that the zipper in the back broke and holes are in both knees. And he still wears it, even though it's so short the "knees" are at his thighs. His big brother (the original owner of the Spiderman suit) refuses to give up possession of the Spiderman mask that went with this well-loved costume. Never mind that it doesn't fit him comfortably or that he even wears it...ever...Sigh...

I am supposed to tag 6 people now. I choose:

1. Dannielle at 50 Fingers & 50 Toes.

2. Mama Ant at Ants-on-a-Farm.

3. Julie at From Inmates to Playdates. (And please read this post and keep her family in your prayers!)

4. Dawn at My Home Sweet Home.

5. ...And I ran out of steam here. You can consider yourself tagged if you want to participate! I love the randomness of this (although that's probably because I had recently gone through old photo files and kept only the ones I know, the ones I might one day actually get printed...maybe...). I just failed miserably with the passing it on part.

* "Imaginary friend" is the term my husband uses for people I have met online but have never met in person or talked to on the phone...and they may or may not even know that I exist. :)

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Unknown said...

I love it spider man costume!!

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