Sunday, January 4, 2009


Grace [looking at a book about Daniel in the lions' den]: It's great having lions in yours house!

Josiah [totally serious]: No, it's not.


Grace [hugging me]: MY mommy! Not Josiah's mommy!

Me: But if I'm not Josiah's mommy, he'll have to go live somewhere else.

Grace [nodding, totally onboard with this idea]: OK!!

(It was not quite the response I expected from the little girl who greeted her older brother with a big hug yesterday after he'd been gone for just a few hours. She absolutely squealed, "Oh, Josiah! I miss you so much! I so happy you back!")


Grace [wearing, literally, 10 layers of dress-up clothes around her neck]: Look! I a lion! Rarrrr!!

We were sitting down to eat at the time, so I made her take them off...after I took a picture, of course. She was eating from a Lion King plate. Hmmmm....

Here she is, properly dressed up as a "pincess":

Can you just see her giving out orders from her throne? And do you see the socks she's wearing with her dress up shoes? (It was chilly that day.) Josiah has been helping her coordinate her dress up outfits. At first, he saw no need to remove the socks.


Grace [attempting to calm Josiah down]: It's OK, little boy. Now, smile.


Unknown said...

YOu have been given an award if you check out my blog!

busymomof10 said...

Your little Princess is Adorable!!! Reminds me of my little 4 year old, who thinks she is the Queen of our house! She is the youngest of ten -- but orders everyone around like she was the queen of sheba!!! :)

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