Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week's prompts for Scavenger Hunt Sunday are:
  • Time together
  • Wrapped
  • Duplicated
  • Tell me a story
  • Love or couple

Time together

Josiah (10) and Grace (6) spend a lot of time together, and usually they are knee-deep in imaginative play.  I overheard them talking about a piggy bank...only this was no ordinary piggy bank.  This was Wish Piggy; if Grace put coins in, she could wish for Josiah to be various animals.

These "animals" include such things a pony, a lion, a gorilla, a griffin, and a wahga-wahga. Each of the imaginary animals have their own individual sounds they make.  I'm not quite sure how Josiah keeps them straight, but he does.  (Probably due to constant usage of the sounds...)


These are mice that Jason and I were forced to make encouraged by Grace to make, and they are wrapped in rags because Grace said, "Mice should never be naked." Then she picked out the rags for us, and wrapped the mice.  I think she was afraid we would do it the wrong way.

She has issues.

Left to right:  Jason's, Grace's, and my mice

Grace duplicated the position of the arms of the huge stuffed rabbit that was beside her while she was sleeping. 

But who could duplicate the stunning beauty that God placed all around us?

Lovely sunset, with clouds that give clues about the weather

We can only capture bits and pieces, and do our best to imitate the beauty surrounding us, through our art...

One of Josiah's sunflowers, with beautiful, intricate details

Tell me a story

I had the chance to hear Matt Kennon perform recently.  You may have heard of him--he's the country music singer/songwriter of The Call, That's Love, and, more recently,  You Had to Pick On Me.  (Click on the links to watch his YouTube videos.)  He tells his story through his music...

Matt Kennon

and he sang some of these songs at his parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration. 


Fifty years of marriage!  Praise God!

Click on the link below to see others' photographs or to join in the fun!  

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A'n'G Johnson said...

Stunning sunset! Happy hunting

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