Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finding Nemo*

It has been a long process of trying to find a puppy I'm not allergic to.

A looooooong process.

But now...look who's here!

Josiah (10) giving the new puppy the first of many, many hugs.

Josiah was excited...absolutely ecstatic.  (So ecstatic that he had trouble unlocking the gate when Jason surprised him with bringing the puppy home today.)

Josiah (10) and Grace (6) waiting at the gate.  Josiah was so excited he fumbled with the combination lock for a few minutes.

Grace was excited, too, but she channeled some of her energy into showing the puppy different things, like how she can ride her bike. 

Grace riding her bike "for the puppy."

She also played "Silent Night" for him on Josiah's keyboard.  It's been quite a homecoming for the little guy.

This puppy has been adored, hugged, and snuggled with.

And now he's worn out.

*But he hasn't been named yet--his name isn't Nemo.  We're still, um, voting on a name for the puppy.  A few days ago, Josiah asked me what I thought about naming a puppy Nemo, and I told him I thought it would be appropriate since we've spent a lot of time trying to find him.  ;)

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Anonymous said...

Those are some hugh paws to grow into!

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