Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where the wild things are

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So, um, forget what I said earlier...

Or, at least, some of what I said earlier.

Because I recently discovered that the wild blackberries I had been hacking away to keep them from climbing over the fence into our back yard

are edible. Oh, the wonders of the Internet where you can find such information.

And you can't beat the gardening book I have on my shelf that I looked in, too. I love real books. One look inside my house, and you'd know that. ;) So many books...and not enough space on our bookshelves.

So, now I can stop referring to them as "blackberries" (with imaginary quotation marks floating through my mind) and just call them blackberries...while I wait for them to grow across the fence again so we can have free fruit!


Anonymous said...

Looks wild*

Mama to 12, so far said...

Foraging at its finest! Free and on your own land! We haven't had much this year due to the lack of rain. But we still wish....and hope!


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