Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vacation: Part Two...The Zoo

One of the things we did on our recent (yet oh, so far away now) vacation was to check out the Jacksonville Zoo.

It was a really awesome zoo--reasonable admission (all five of us got in for under $55!) and it was beautiful. Plus, it was large enough that we spent hours there and decided to leave to get lunch rather than seeing every exhibit. Because of this, I was glad we stuck with the general admission tickets instead of getting the ones that included a ride on the train.

We spent hours walking through

and looking at all the huge birds nesting in tall trees

and flying overhead as they made seemingly constant improvements to their nests.

There were plenty of large animals throughout the zoo...

some of whom didn't seem to care whether I got a good shot of them or not.

There were also giraffes you could feed.

Josiah (8) and Grace (5) loved feeding them!

I liked taking their picture. :)

Grace enjoying spotting the babies, like the baby zebra you can barely see in the middle of this shot.

One of the most unique animals there was the okapi, which has a reddish-brown body with black and white striped legs and eats leaves from trees like a giraffe...with a much shorter neck.

The flamingos! There was a sign posted about the particulars of their diet at the zoo, and explained that their diet includes dye to enhance their bright color. That just seems like cheating...

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