Monday, May 9, 2011

Vacation: Part Four...The Beach(es)!

The first time we went to the beach on our vacation (last month), it was just to get our feet wet in the ocean

so there was a lot of anticipation built up for Josiah (8) and Grace (5).

We saw a jellyfish

and seagulls

...lots of seagulls.

Not only did we go to Neptune Beach in Jacksonville, we also went to Fernandina Beach. Josiah and Grace looked like they were ready to hit the waves. ;)

Robert (13) alternated between chasing Josiah

and making a game of tossing the foam boogie boards into the ocean waves. Out of all the kids, he spent the most time actually in the water.

One of the perks of going later in the day (6:30-ish) is getting to play where others have done the work already

and you get the cool parts to yourself.

Plus...the sunset!

Oh, the sunset!

We are missing it already...and can't wait to go back to the beach!

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Vacation: Part Four...The Beach(es)!


Kathleen said...

Looks like they had a FABULOUS time!! AWESOME photos!!

Linda said...

beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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