Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Capture: The Letter "L"

These are some of the "L" words I thought of this week.


as in sunlight...

and moonlight.


on the sofa...

and at the kitchen table.


as in my two peas in a pod who love each other dearly.


because who doesn't need more books? ;)

And, last but not least,


...with a splash from a rock.

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Tifani said...

I'm such a nerd that I zoomed in closer to see what the math lesson was in the picture. lol Thanks for sharing all the L's in your day.

Anonymous said...

Looks Lovely and Lemony... LOL

Unknown said...

The light in the church! GORGEOUS! I love it so much. What a magical picture! : ) I love the love shot! And the lake. What a beautiful collection of pictures. Wishing you the most wonderful day! Love, Becky

Kathleen said...

Love these, Amy! Love the steeple in the sky, the sweet love photo, and the lake splash!

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