Saturday, February 5, 2011

She's so unusual

Yes, another Cyndi Lauper reference...that's the title of one of her albums from the 80s.

Grace is the only four year old I know who will fold and stack her blankets just because she wants to.

She can also make our bed with impressive skill...again, just because she wants to. I dare say, she does a better job than most of the people in this house!

But all work and no play would make Grace a dull girl, and this girl knows how to play.

...Usually in her own unusual way.

And she loves books.

I mean, she really, really loves books.

She also really, really loves her babies.

(Yes, she's asleep in those photos.)

She looks forward to future events. Jason, you may want to turn away from the computer monitor now.

...But she has promised to stay little for a little while longer. And, oh, I'm so glad!


Kathleen said...

Now, I was going to comment on the Cyndi Lauper reference WITHOUT having read your note about it!

I am putting in a request that you send that cute little Grace up here for awhile - I have an 11yo daughter who needs some lessons on folding clothes and making beds. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

[uhn-yoo-zhoo-uhl] –adjective
not usual, common, or ordinary; uncommon in amount or degree; EXCEPTIONAL.

This sounds about right.

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