Sunday, May 16, 2010

Overheard: Women of Joy (The Anonymous Edition)

So my friends won't hate me for posting this For the sake of anonymity, I have omitted my friends' names. For the sake of hilarity and to give you a tiny reference point, I have left my own name. There was a lot of laughter this weekend, y'all. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard or laughed so often. And although some of this won't make much sense at all, I'm sharing it anyway for my Women of Joy bloggy friends. ;)

There were a total of 16 of us in our group. To simplify things (for me), I'm sticking to WOJ (Women of Joy) #1, #2, etc., as the names of my joyful buddies. And to simplify things (for me), the designation of #1, #2, etc., changes with each new item.


We stopped for lunch along the way and one person was a little slower than the rest when it came to of the ladies was, um, urging her to finish quickly....repeatedly. This was the tail-end of the heckling urging.

WOJ #1: You're still eating? Are you going to finish today or tomorrow?

Everyone stops talking and looks at WOJ #1.

WOJ #1: Why is everyone looking at me?

Me: To see what you'll say next!

For the record, WOJ #1 said she was just joking around with the slow eater.


WOJ #1 drifted off to sleep in the car and woke to find me handing the GPS back up front to our wonderful driver; she thought it was a camera in my hand...

WOJ #1: Did you take a picture of me sleeping?!

Me: No, but if I did, I still wouldn't tell you. ;)

I can't promise that there were no photos taken of sleeping people, but I didn't take any.


WOJ #1 [apologetically, to our waiter]: We're heavy drinkers.

This is what she was referring to, since there were three of us seated together who were drinking Diet Coke--not whatever you had in mind:


What happens in Charleston stays in Charleston.

Well...if you don't count this.


Posted on Facebook:

Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith tonight! Can't wait!

Immediately followed by:

uuhh concert that is.


After the concert, we headed over to IHOP. Our trip to IHOP could be a post by itself...Keep in mind all of this happened around midnight and we were wired from the awesome concert and tired all at the same time. Plus, there was a parade of ants who had found the syrup stand on the table to be an excellent dining area, and laughter helped keep our minds off of this...

WOJ #1 laughed about something and snorted. WOJ #2 immediately laughed and snorted, except she snorted
on purpose to get WOJ #1 to snort again. They kept laughing and snorting, and snorting and laughing, and I was laughing so hard I couldn't speak (but I was not joining in on the snorting).

WOJ #2 [trying to get me and the rest of our table to snort]: C'mon, snort! Try it! It's fun!

WOJ #2 is a trouble maker began rolling up all of our straw wrappers and tossing them over to the next table where the rest of our group was seated. This may or may not have resulted in more paper balls, as well as one coffee creamer, flying through IHOP.

WOJ #2 also tried to start "the wave" going in IHOP (see "troublemaker" remark above)...

WOJ #1: You're going to get kicked out of IHOP!

WOJ #2: Like it'll be the first time that's happened...

Not surprisingly, WOJ #2 also tossed wadded up pieces of toilet paper into the bathroom stall of another lady in our group in a separate incident. Once this was discovered, and it was discovered who was doing the tossing, the victim had a question:

WOJ #3: It is clean, isn't it?


WOJ #1: What's something fun we can talk about...? [Considers this for a moment, and immediately turns to me] Amy, are you gonna have any more babies?

Nothing like putting me on the spot, huh? I think she had just been wanting to ask the question and needed an opening!


A part two to this post will (hopefully) be coming soon. If you'd like to add anything about the trip...anonymously, of course...feel free to leave it in the comments! :)


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Dannielle said...

Sounds incredibly fun! Glad you got a chance to go...

Kim said...

Enjoyed laughing and snorting at these all over again!!

Anonymous said...

I think your husband is very lucky to have a Woman of Joy.

Anonymous said...

hehehe...gigglegiggle...SNORT SNORT!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to go, but please tell me you ate somewhere good in Charleston and not just IHOP!! lol ~~kirsten

Mama to 12, so far said...

Well, are you?

Sounds like you had fun!

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