Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Brand New Teen

We recently celebrated Robert's 13th birthday. How did he get to be thirteen so quickly?

It seems like just last week that he was "cow surfing" on Josiah's rocking toy (while dressed as Woody from Toy Story)


Blowing bubbles on the driveway


Dressing up as the Boy Wonder


And loving dinosaurs.

With an exhibit of his all-time favorite kind of dinosaur, Parasaurolophus

He became a big brother to a little girl who (sometimes) has him wrapped around her little finger


Became fascinated with NASCAR (in particular, Jeff Gordon)


And skateboarding


And the electric guitar he got on his 12th birthday


As well as cars

Pretending to eat the "CHEETOZ" Mustang at a 2009 car show

And now...

He requests (certain) t-shirts for gifts

Kramer Guitars

Still doesn't mind his grandparents singing "Happy Birthday" to him over the phone

And will smile for me to take his picture if there is birthday cake (and/or presents) involved.

His new favorite t-shirt...
Family Force 5

Before you feel too sorry for him getting "only clothes" for his birthday, let me assure you he didn't get only these gifts. Robert has been saving his money to buy a special guitar he's had his eye on for a while ("a while" being less than a year, since he's only been taking guitar lessons since his 12th birthday), with the agreement that if he saved up a certain amount and traded in his current electric guitar, we would match the amount he saved so he could buy the "White Lamborghini," as he's been referring to it.

With birthday money he's received from relatives, he made it to his goal! Goodbye, guitar (plus a whole lot more money than he has ever saved up before)...

Hello, White Lamborghini!

He thought he was going to drive with Jason to pick up the guitar...Jason surprised him with it in the car.

Robert was absolutely thrilled!

And he started trying out the bells and whistles on the new guitar right away.

(I'll post a video soon of his debut performance on the White Lamborghini...)

Happy birthday, Robert!
We love you!


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Kathleen said...

Awww...a teenager?? Happy birthday, Robert! I can honestly say he is the only 13 year old I know who owns a Lamborghini. Wait...he is the only person I know who owns a Lamborghini! :)

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to see the progression of a childs life. Enjoy it. Love ya, Kim

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Robert. Hope to see you soon.
Shirley & Kevin

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