Saturday, March 13, 2010

The week Josiah becomes totally self-conscious about the size of his feet

On Tuesday, we drove to Athens to celebrate a couple of March birthdays (my brothers/the kids' uncles).

The birthday boys

After leaving the restaurant, the kids and I ran over to Academy Sports because they have the best prices I've seen for baseball cleats, and Josiah just began Spring Ball practices. I had him check the size of the shoes he had on (because I seriously can no longer keep three growing kids' shoes sizes in mind) and proceeded to hand him size 6 cleats to try on. None of them fit him.

Then, of course, Josiah tells me, "Oh, yeah, these shoes I have on are a little tight on me now." OK...the largest sizes I've seen in the cleats has been size 6. Josiah found a store employee and we asked her if there were any size 6 1/2 cleats in the kids' section. size 6 1/2 shoes are in the men's section.

Excuse me? My seven year old is now getting shoes from the men's section? Really?!?


As we were laughing about this shoes shopping experience and walking to the front of the store to check out and buy Josiah's first pair of men's shoes, Josiah sighed and said, "I guess I'd better get some age on me to catch up to my feet."


The next day, I measured my socked foot against his socked foot and found his is only about an inch shorter than mine, and I don't have dainty little feet. I wear size 10. Robert's feet are bigger than mine already, but he is, after all, nearly thirteen and nearly as tall as I am already.

Josiah went to batting practice on Friday night and the first thing his coach said to him was, "Hey...What size shoes do you wear?!" (When Josiah reported this to me, I thought he was joking; he wasn't.)

So, please try not to stare. He's getting a little self-conscious as it is. He told Jason, "You know how Mom said that when I hit size 13, I have to buy my own shoes? I'm afraid at this rate, I'm gonna have to make my own shoes..."

Ummm...Did I mention he's a little dramatic?

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Anonymous said...

Josiah is a hoot!

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