Friday, March 19, 2010

Van Fever

We are currently looking to buy a fantastically low-priced and fantastically well-taken care of minivan. Clearly, we have very reasonable expectations. I didn't even mention low mileage...

But I could.

I'm wishing the whole van purchasing process could be sped up even more after today. Today the kids and I went grocery shopping after lunch time. Today is the day before Spring officially starts. And it was hot.

No, not really hot--not as hot as it's going to get soon enough. But it was hot enough to make me remember how it was last summer in the car with no air conditioning and Grace's car seat that is black and already eliciting squeals of "Too hot!! Too hot!!" from her as soon as her bum hits the seat. (I've started keeping a towel over her car seat again, so now it's covered.)

On Saturday, we took a minivan we were interested in buying to have it checked out by a mechanic friend, who promptly told us to run from this one about the wreck the van had been in and how things weren't aligned properly because of the wreck, etc. However, while the trip to check out the van was a bust, I managed to get a very interesting photo.

This is a tree I spotted as we drove to the van owner's home. I took the photo on the way back while Jason was driving the van. There was no one behind me and I slowed to nearly stopping in the road to aim my camera in the general direction of the tree...and got it nearly perfectly. Except for the blurriness, of course. I did have to drive, after all. Y'all, this tree has character.

Lots of character.

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