Monday, June 1, 2009

Maybe his friends called him "Chuck"

Here is my 12 year old, completing a history assignment at our kitchen table last week.

Here's what he was actually doing:

The book on top of his history book is, of course, a Peanuts book.

There was a whole elaborate process going on...First, he began writing "Charles" when inspiration struck and he instead wrote "Chuck." Next, he began drawing Charlie Brown but decided to get a book to copy from, so he ran back to Josiah's room to get one.

Oh, if only he cared so much about details when it came to penmanship... ;)

1 comment:

Mama to 12, so far said...

Ummmmm, talented boy you got there!

And a! LOL!!!!

Matt was like that but his would be looking out the window, then spying something, then running to the other room to get the book he last saw the critter/animal in, then getting his art stuff, then drawing it, then getting in trouble, told to go back to the table and finish his schoolwork, only to start the whole process again.!.!

Hugs to you...

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