Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And now Chicken and Waffles makes a little sense to me

We have a Chicken & Waffles restaurant near the mall and, nearly every time, we poke fun at this strange combination as we drive by it.

But I have now eaten chicken and waffles in the same meal. Why? Desperation. There was nothing else I could come up with for breakfast besides toast last Thursday morning. We were out of cereal, eggs, and even the oatmeal that the kids like that I can’t stand the smell of. But we did have some leftover Zaxby’s chicken fingers and some frozen waffles. (Thank you, Jay and Byron! I betcha didn’t think you’d be feeding us breakfast, too!) It was tasty, even as it was a bit strange to have it all on the same plate.

I was mighty glad to eat cereal the next morning.

And I will be mighty glad when I can totally leave the Ace bandage behind and stay on my feet all day.

Yeah, I’m totally joking about the last part…but it would be nice to be able to do that. Especially considering that I’m less than two weeks away from going to my very first women’s conference, Women of Joy, in Charleston, S.C. A group of 11 women from my church will be going, and a former church member who moved to S.C will be meeting us there. It will be the first time I have ever stayed away from the kids overnight without dressing in a hospital gown and bringing home a new baby. It would be icing on the cake to be able to get around comfortably.

Wanna see what the cake is?

Kirk Cameron (Speaker: Friday p.m.)
Nancy Leigh DeMoss (Speaker: Saturday a.m.)
Chonda Pierce (Speaker: Saturday a.m.)
Casting Crowns (Concert: Saturday p.m.)
Angela Thomas (Speaker: Sunday a.m.)
Charles Billingsley (Worship Leader)

When Jason Slade heard that Casting Crowns was going to be there, he offered to be my roommate and wear a wig. ;) I don't think the other ladies would go for it, though...

I can't wait!!

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Dannielle said...

Oh Amy... I'm so jealous! I'd love to come with you... you think I could stow away in your luggage? LOL... it'd have to be some incredibly large luggage.

Have a ball! Enjoy yourself, and remember, even though we don't believe it, the kids will be just fine! LOL


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