Friday, May 22, 2009

Overheard: The Potty Training Edition

Grace [breathlessly, after running inside from the back yard]: I was runnin' like a lion was chasin' me!

And, yes, she made it to the potty in time. She hasn't had an accident yet, now that she resolved to stay in underwear!


Robert [in disbelief]: She's going to the bathroom again? She just went five minutes ago!


Grace: Mommy!!! Help!!! I'm stuck!

I found her at the bathroom sink, standing on the step stool and stretched out too far to move. She had pushed herself away from the sink rather than pushing the faucet handle to turn the water on...She's that light! Sometimes she can manage to turn on the water by herself, but she still needs help often.


Grace [as we returned to the table at Luigi's after visiting the restroom...again]: Are dey done with da pizza already?!

No, Jason Slade and the boys hadn't eaten without us--we still had not gotten our pizza. But please remind long does the phase last where we must visit every public restroom at least once?

1 comment:

Dannielle said...

Well, unfortunately Abby is 12 and she still has to go to EVERY public restroom available. Even the ones when we stop for gas. :P

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