Sunday, May 3, 2009


Josiah: Daddy, do you know what I really want for my birthday?

Jason Slade: A Little Mermaid bike.

Josiah [pauses to stare at his father and remains surprisingly calm]: No.

Jason Slade: A Barbie skateboard.

Josiah [crosses his arms over his chest, still surprisingly calm, and deadpans]: You’ve lived with me for 6 years and you don’t know me at all.


Grace [happily]: Robert and Josiah are my fav’rite brudders!

Jason Slade: Am I your favorite Daddy?

Grace [hesitates uncertainly]: Who’s da udder Daddy?


Most mornings, I let Grace have her “TV time” while I take a shower. Her brothers usually watch with her and, therefore, try to steer her away from picking something like a Little Mermaid DVD. This time, however, Robert was apparently on auto-pilot and mistakenly said what he always says when someone asks “What‘s for supper?”

Me: Grace, what do you want to watch while I’m in the shower?

Robert [fake sneezes]: Quizno’s! [stammering as he realizes his error] Wait--no--

Grace [completely serious]: No, I don’t wanna watch Quizno’s. I want to watch Pooh.


What do you get when you pretend to play soccer with a volleyball?

Tennis leg.

Along with an estimated recovery time of 2-3 weeks for a minor tear. I'm guessing it'll be closer to the 3 week mark since either Josiah or Grace accidentally hurt me somehow every day. :(

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