Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Georgia Bulldog Ballet

I had a ticket for the Georgia Bulldog Ballet tonight...

This ticket:

Grace (8) used to put on nightly ballet performances for us at various times over the past 4 years or so for about a week at a time.  We always needed tickets to attend, and usually had to purchase them from our smallest entrepreneur.  So, yes, we would pay $.25 to $.50 to sit in our own living room.

Totally worth it.

Somewhere alone the way,  I earned a season pass.  Lucky me!

I found a bun doughnut for her hair today, and that has rekindled her love of performing, even if I haven't yet mastered using the doughnut.

Grace dances in an...ummmm...interpretive dance kind of way,

and Pachelbel's Canon is her favorite

but she's just as likely to dance to Turkey in the Straw.

The accompaniment is Josiah's keyboard, which has an extensive song bank available at the push of a button.  The Georgia Bulldog Ballet is (hopefully) the only ballet in the world where you can see a ballet performance to the instrumental version of The House of the Rising Sun.

That particular song always reminds me of my days of doing collection calls for a dermatologist I worked for years ago.  There was a woman whose rather awkward outgoing message on the answering machine was, "You have reached The House of the Rising Sun.  Leave a message."  I always wondered if she had ever listened to the lyrics...and, if so, why, oh, why, would you say such a thing?

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Anonymous said...

She looks very... serious.

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