Sunday, November 30, 2014

Friday Night Lights and Icicles

Robert (17) had the opportunity to play football during his senior year.   His team made it to the first round of the championship games (they were in 4th place and played the #1 ranked team).  Here are some chronological shots from the season, including a few scenic shots of our "tour of Georgia" as we traveled to the games...some of which were around two hours away. 

Robert is number 84.

With it being a small team, Robert played a variety of positions, both offensive and defensive. 

Before a game

Robert is on the field in the center of this photo.

Sideline shots were often the only ones that weren't blurry.   :)

Friday night lights...and an eagle in the clouds 

Shot from I-20 as we drove through downtown Atlanta:  the gold-domed Capitol.

Robert is on the field and centered in this photo.

Robert was one of the players who often ran in plays.

Josiah (12) at the last game, when it was below freezing (hence, the "icicles" in the title of this post).

The playoff game. 

The team on the sidelines after the last game.

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