Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This Sunday's scavenger hunt had a fall theme...

And I realized just how much I stay at home during the daytime.  I had been complaining remarking to many people online about how everything was so green around here...and it is...or was...very green in my part of the neighborhood.  Outside our neighborhood?  Well, that's another story! 


There are trees dressed in gorgeous leaves, like these orange ones.

Dress Up

The kids (and a friend) dressed up to go to a local fall festival.  My kids are the ones in black:  a spy (Josiah, age 11) and a ninja (Grace, age 7).


 What does a ninja do with her candy?  Sort it by type, of course.

 ...Unless she is feeling less ninja-like and puts it in a silver goblet.


Grace's silly pumpkin face that she and Josiah made:


Spooky is often a matter of perception and conditions.  For instance, this photo looks rather spooky...

 but the original photo does not.

And some people think cemeteries are spooky...

but Grace does not.  In fact, when I stopped by a local cemetery where I've taken pictures before, she asked if she could get out because she saw a vase that had toppled over.  She enjoys righting vases as well as placing loose flowers back where they belong.

Here's another cemetery shot on that same afternoon, looking up a hill in another part of the cemetery so that the lighting is changed.  Spooky or not?

Grace spied more toppled vases, so we both got out of the van to walk among the grave sites.  I found these four homemade grave markers--all for infants--that have piqued my interest.  (These are part of the family plot you can see on the lower right side of my previous photo.)

Click on the link below to see others' photographs or to join in on the fun!  


Sarah Cass said...

Many beautiful images this week...I agree, not all cemeteries are spooky, although some do have that air...and it's amazing how a little editing can turn a photo into something frightening and creepy!

Ida said...

Very nice set. I really liked your Orange shot of the leaves.
The kids look ready for fun dressed up.
Love the Silver Vase for a candy holder.
Spooky - Yes editing does change the mood of a shot. Which both versions were great.

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pics. Velveeta the fearless!

Katie said...

I really liked your orange shot!

It is very cool what you did the spooky shot. The first one is definitely spooky, but with the color, it isn't at all. Great perspective!

RETA said...

Beautiful pictures!

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