Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Works For Me Wednesday: "Be Ready" Morning List

This year, I made a "Be Ready" list for my younger two kids (ages 11 and 7).  It's posted in the kitchen as well as in their bedroom as a reminder of what they need to do to be ready to start school, as well as a reminder of what school work they can begin either together or on their own before I'm available. 

Because they still need to be reminded.  Every day.

* I added "Bed made" after taking this photo.  Every time they look at me blankly and ask, "What do I still need to do?" I count off these first 5 things on my fingers.  Maybe one day they will be able to look at their own fingers and remember 5 things, too. 

Until then, I can still refer my forgetful kiddos to the "Be Ready" list, and that works for me!

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