Saturday, June 1, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week's scavenger hunt theme is Photographer's Choice--we pick our 5 favorite photos we took over the last week.  

Hmmm...Our week in pictures...Only I didn't take any pictures when we finished our school year on Wednesday (we were all too tired).  And I only took a few pictures at the VBS we went to last week (which would help explain why we were so tired), but they didn't turn out well enough to share here.  

However, I can tell you that Josiah (10) needs to get plugged in to local theater after seeing his performance in his class' dramatic skit on family night!   

Here are my choices:

7 year old Grace

Our church steeple

A nearby farm

Beautiful sunset from my backyard

Have I mentioned another of Josiah's talents?  Here he is walking on water.  ;)

Click on the link below to see others' photographs or to join in on the fun!  


Anonymous said...

Great selection of pics.

Ida said...

Nice choices. I liked the Sunset Shot from your backyard and your little girl is so cute. Looks like your boy is quite talented if he can walk on water, so much fun!

Andrea Dawn said...

Grace is adorable and I love the simplicity of the steeple shot.

Splendid Little Stars said...

fun photos! The one of Grace is beautiful!

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