Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The Beach

Josiah (10) and Grace (6) love the beach.

I mean, they love the beach.

They love the beach even if they aren't dressed appropriately to get in the water (and, obviously, that doesn't stop them).

The thing that surprises me is how fearless Grace is.  She goes farther into the water than I would (I'm a big fan of being able to see my feet at all times) whether she is with Josiah

or on her own

with me watching and wondering if the next wave will knock that tiny girl down.  But she stays on her feet...probably from sheer determination.

And she loves every minute of it.

This not-so Wordless Wednesday post is linked to 5 Minutes for Mom and Sarah Halstead at The Naptime Momtog.


Anonymous said...

those kids need to have a beach of their own someday...

Unknown said...

That looks so fun. I miss the beach. I'm scared of sharks so I usually don't even wade into the water, but I'm pretty satisfied making sand castles with my girls. Kudos to your daughter for being so brave!

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