Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time for a change

Every once in a while, Robert (15) will peer over my shoulder while I'm blogging and tell me, "You really need to update those pictures on your blog."  (Translation:  "I don't look like that anymore.")

He was right--while I updated the kids' ages with each birthday, I didn't update the photos.  This is how old the photos were:

Robert...when he was 12

Josiah...when he was 7

Grace...when she was 3

They were so cute and little!  Now you can see how much they have grown!

Robert (15)

Josiah (10)

Grace (6)

I found that I really need to make Josiah take serious photos every now and then--most of the photos I have of him are "action shots" (where I may or may not have the back of his head), or goofy faces.  In just a few short years, he will be accusing me of never taking good pictures of him because he is the middle child.  ;)

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