Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Overheard: Huh?

As I was walking past Josiah (9) and Grace (5), I caught one small part of a particularly animated conversation.

Josiah: No, the devil wasn't Jesus' pet.

I just kept walking...I didn't want to know.


Grace is highly interested in reading now, and frequently asks me, "What does this spell?" as she tries to decipher the world around here.
Grace: What does "OBST" spell?
Me: Um...where did you see that?
Grace: In my brain, where I *think*! [gestures emphatically at her forehead]  I really saw it there.
She was had such an intense expression it was hard not to laugh at her. :)


At the library today...
Librarian: Are you having a good summer?

Grace: Yes.

Librarian [trying to draw a little conversation from her]: Have you done anything fun?

Grace [matter-of-factly]: Not yet.

Excuse me?!?! All she and Josiah do all day long is play together!
Librarian [trying again]: Well, have you gone swimming?

Grace: Yes! We went swimming yesterday in someone else's pool, and my friends were there!

And then she admitted that it was fun.

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Kari said...

Oh, she is SOOO cute! I miss seeing y'all!

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