Sunday, January 16, 2011

New free books!

Despite numerous failed attempts to visit our new library that had the misfortune of opening this week (with all the ice and, therefore, having only two days of operation this week),

we were finally able to visit our new branch on Saturday afternoon!

Grace was excited to find new Fancy Nancy books that our other (now dubbed "old") library doesn't have on their shelves

and Josiah was interested in figuring out where his favorite authors live in these aisles. he needs that book!!

Grace found a favorite spot to sit on cute, tot-sized mushroom seats

under this "tree."

And Josiah pointed out the unique chairs in the adult section of the library

that are made with seat belts. Really.

The new library was definitely worth the wait! Of course, our "old" library will still remain a favorite place, especially with all our friends over there--the librarians in particular and also these guys:

We love the library, and routinely go once a week. Free books, videos, and magazines make it an awesome deal! Do you visit your local library?


Anonymous said...

A new sanctuary for the little bookworms

Kathleen said...

Love new libraries!! Not too many new ones up here, but good ones anyway. What I like about the ones here is I can check out a book at any library in CT and return it to any library in CT. Kinda nice. Haven't quite figured out all of the online things yet.

Love the photos of Grace reading - so cute!

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