Monday, January 17, 2011

It's like an iPod from the 80s...if there had been such a thing

Robert recently "won" an iPod on eBay after saving up his money for a really long time. If you walked into his room, this is what you typically would find in his hands:

He keeps it connected to the iSymphony he got as a Christmas present a few years ago. The speaker apparently doesn't work on the iPod, and this way he can use it without using ear buds all the time. It also keeps it charged, which is good since the USB cable he bought on eBay is still on its way to our home.

My favorite feature? The harmony it's bringing to our home.

Josiah (8) and Robert (13)

You see, we have an agreement: Robert must refrain from pestering his brother and sister for 8 months, and he must also refrain from fussing about school work until we finish in June. If he pesters or fusses, he loses his iPod for 24 hours.

How's it working? So far, sooooooo good...


Kathleen said...

It's amazing how the threatened loss of media time can be so powerful!

Anonymous said...

You gotta get them where it hurts the most! LOL, good deal Amy!

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