Sunday, November 7, 2010

Overheard: Control issues of a 4 year old

Grace [holding my pop-up folding hair brush I keep in my pocketbook]: You can listen to my music. I have a video of it right here on my phone, and I'm watching it. When it's over, I'll choose the next song.

Her cell phone is so much fancier than mine. It's a flip phone, and it controls the CD player in the van. It even has a mirror! ;)


Grace [to Josiah]: It's OK, Josiah--you won't get in trouble. I control Daddy.

She said it in such a matter-of-fact voice, you'd think she believes it. I have no other comment on this one.


Josiah recently checked out a
Family Circus comic book collection from the library. All three kids have spent time flipping through the pages, including Grace. She found one comic where the mother is standing facing the kitchen sink as she washes dishes and says, "No, honey. I've never wanted to be like Lady Godiva. Have you?" Dolly is behind her, completely disrobed and perched on a rocking horse with her clothing scattered on the floor around her. Grace's reaction? I'm so glad you asked.

Grace [indignant]; That is so wrong! Mom, look at this! That is so wrong! [flips back several pages to find another comic] That's not her horse!

And here I was thinking she had a problem with Dolly's lack of clothing.


Grace [slightly distressed]: Mom, can you teach Daddy to ready? He always says the wrong words.

Yes, he paraphrases children's books. And, wait...I thought you controlled Daddy, Grace...
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