Thursday, September 23, 2010

Overheard: More Grace

Grace: Do you know what's good about feet? You don't have to wash them.

Of course, I questioned her on this, and what she really meant was that the good thing about feet was that, after your mom clips your toenails, you don't have to wash them. She is terribly inconvenienced
every time I clip her fingernails because I make her wash her hands afterward.


Grace: Do you know what's good about taking gifts to someone? You don't have to take as much stuff home.

Can you tell she has the consignment sale on her mind? She has been hearing me talk about how much stuff we have everywhere in the house...and my repeated threats of "if you don't pick it up, I'm getting rid of it in the sale." That works, by the way or another, it is out of sight, and you might get some money for it, too. :)


I had Grace try on the few winter clothes that were still in her drawer from last year so I could sell any that didn't fit in the consignment sale...some clothes received a warmer reception than others.

Grace [gleefully]: Ooooohhh! Snuggle Bunny! Oh, how I've missed this shirt! I love you, Snuggle Bunny! [hugs and kisses the bunny on the shirt]

And, yes, the shirt really does say "Snuggle Bunny" on it. And Grace wanted to wear it that day, despite the fact that it was 92 degrees.


As I was helping Grace try on some pants, she counted as she put her feet in the pants legs:

Grace: One...two...[pause] three...[giggles at her joke] four... [giggles even more]


Grace [in the car, talking to Josiah]: Do you want to hear my best burp?

And this reminds me how I need to apologize to Andrew's mom. The last time they were in the car together, she spent some time trying to teach him how to burp. (I'm so sorry, Kim!) The scary thing was that she knew really knew how to burp...and she was determined to teach him.

There's a lot of personality in that little body

and also a whole lot of sweetness.


Anonymous said...

You are right on both counts - personality and sweetness


Anonymous said...

No worries Amy. Andrew being the boy he is, is well on his way to burping rather loudly and disgustingly. I don't think Grace could have taught him any more than he already knows. LOL

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the look on her face in the first picture. That is the look she gives me when the boys are being silly. I just love that sweet girl to pieces.


Anonymous said...

she is a doll, but you knew that. Our family always did make pretty babies. ~~your loving Aunt

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