Monday, September 6, 2010

Overheard: Grace

Grace [with a sweet, sad little voice]: Mom, when I grow up, I'm gonna miss you.

Me: I'll miss you, too, sweetheart.

Grace: But it's a good thing I'm gonna stay a little girl for for a very long time!

Sigh...It won't be as long as you think...


Grace: OK, Mom, here's our deal. As long as I'm little, you won't be old.

Well, I was wondering what the deal was. Now I know.


Grace [wistfully, and totally serious]: I wish...I wish... [pauses] I wish I was a mom 'cause then I'd have a baby by now!

Ummm...what happened to our deal? And might I remind you that you are 4 years old?!


Grace: Mom, when I'm as old as you, you'll be old.

She's a little too matter-of-fact with this age stuff.


Grace: I'm gonna stop doin' things like me and start doin' things like you. 'Cause I wanna do things like grown-ups.

Fortunately, she followed this up with examples of how she would be more obedient; most of them centered on going to sleep quickly when it's bedtime or taking a nap (because she only naps in the car...usually when I don't want her to take a nap, of course). Still, this is a perfect example of why there is at least one person in our circle of friends who refers to her as "The Precocious One."


Grace [putting together an alphabet puzzle, where the pieces go horizontally in alphabetical order]: Hmmm...that's funny. Where does the "R" go?

Me: Say the alphabet. Then you'll find it.
[singing] LMNO...

Grace [singing quickly through the rest of the letters, and apparently not listening closely enough to herself]: PQRSTUVWXY&Z. Hey! There's no "R" in the alphabet!

Maybe she'll stay little just a little while longer...


Kathleen said...

Awwww...on the comment about missing you when she grows up. I'd just let her live with you forever if I were you!

Mama to 12, so far said...

Awww...sniff, sniff...
Cute comments!

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