Saturday, July 31, 2010

Overheard: Trip to the pediatrician

I'm taking a trip down memory lane because I have nothing better to share. I found the following post languishing in my Drafts folder on my is something I wrote but didn't finish in March 2010.

Pediatrician: Are your ears bothering you?

Grace: No.

Pediatrician [perplexed with Grace's response, since this was the stated reason for our visit]: But don't they hurt?

Grace: Yes, but only a little.

The pediatrician thought it was because she used such a big word...I explained that Grace tends to be rather stoic when it comes to ear pain. I have to ask her if her ears are hurting (usually after a rather sleepless night), and only then will she let on that they've been hurting for a few days. So, in her mind, while they hurt, they weren't "bothering her." "Bothering" and "allagating" (aggravating) are words usually reserved to describe what her brothers are doing to her. ;) And, yes, she had a double ear infection.

What a great big brother! Josiah (age 7) reading Fancy Nancy books to Grace (nearly age 4) while waiting at the pediatrician's office.
March 2010
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