Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation: Kooky talk

I saw this as we were walking to the Tennessee Aquarium and immediately had a song running through my head...

Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready to clown around? With Loonette and Molly, a clown and her dolly, on the Big (not-so-) Comfy Couch.

That's in front of a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop, if you're curious. And Grace was the only person I ever saw sitting on that brick couch in all the times we walked past it.

The view from our hotel room balcony:

And the view after I wiped the condensation off the camera lens. (It had rained that morning.) Ahhh...humidity!

Burger Boy
livin' up to his name at Outback Steakhouse:

This was also when he requested that his nickname be changed to Bacon Burger Boy. And, yes, he did eat the whole thing. And he asked "What's for dessert?" soon afterward.

Now, this shot of the tunnel through the mountain isn't kooky--just pretty cool...

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1 comment:

Kathleen said...

A few notes:

I can't believe she got a turn on that couch! Seems like the perfect photo spot. Great photo, btw.

Beautiful view from your balcony--even without wiping the lens!!

Wow! Your boy has an appetite! Mine are getting there too. I think we may have discussed this before (least I did somewhere on the blogosphere), but HOW are we gonna feed these hungry boys as they get older and HUNGRIER?

LOVE the tunnel picture!!

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