Thursday, March 5, 2009

Overheard: The Grace Edition

Grace: Mommy, how old will yah be on yah buthday?

Me: 38.

Grace: Oh, OK! [begins to run off, then abruptly turns around] Ummm...What did I just say tah you?


Grace: Mommy, I have somethin' tah tell you.

[Nine times out of ten, if she says this sentence she will tell you that, in the Veggie Tales video Where's God When I'm Scared?, "Junior did jump in his toybox!" This time, however...]

Grace: Ummm...What was I gunna say tah you?

Should we be worried about her memory loss? ;)


Grace: Look at me! I kin fly!


It's tough being the momma of many little babies. Just ask Grace, who diapered quintuplets tonight...and then she announced in a rather tired voice, "Oh, no! Dey all pooped!" She asked me to change their diapers, then she finished getting the babies ready for bed.

Left to right: Miss Muffy, Emily, Beth, Laura, and 'Nother Emily

Grace said the babies were not being good in their bed...they were pushing each other and laughing.


Grace: Mommy! Take a picture of me!

Ah, Georgia...On Sunday, it snowed; on Thursday, it's time for short sleeves to play outside.


Dannielle said...

you are not alone... 27 degrees sunday, today 74!

Anonymous said...

5 babies.... Does that make her Quintamom? It sounds like a lot of fun having a girl in the house.

Anonymous said...

Glad y'all are "back in Georgia" where you belong!

Anonymous said...

Glad y'all are "back in Georgia" where you belong! The Old Man

Anonymous said...

The strike-through under the first picture of the ranchers on Branding Day seems to imply that those "sitting down" are Clueless in Lustre, or are they just non-ranchers who are just resting a bit? In the second picture of the "cowboys," is that the "vaccine gun" the cowpoke behind Jason has, or is he the Headless Horseman whose lost his mount and come to rob the locals? Also, how is it that Jason is "with one of his students"...I thought he was one of the non-ranchers (i.e., one of the "clueless" - see above)? Thanks for sharing about YOU! The Old Man

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