Saturday, March 28, 2009


Random bits, in a handy list format:

1. The winner of my first giveaway is K. Davis! Congratulations! I'll bring the books to you tomorrow at church. :)

2. My husband informed that he, too, would like a blog name "since the kids get one.” (See # 20). So from now on, Jason will be known as Slade. And, yes, he picked the name himself. He went to high school with a boy named Slade and still remembers how cool he and his friends thought it would be to have that name. I am still amazed (and relieved) that (to my recollection) he never suggested this name when we were considering names for the boys.

3. Jason Slade reigns in the useless information department. However, with my own meager supply of useless information, I informed him that Bobby Jindal has a son named Slade.

4. It takes the better part of two days in an ever-so-slightly heated oven to dry out a soaked baseball glove to the point where it no longer feels like it absorbed a cup or two of water.

5. If you take that same nearly-normal-weight baseball glove anywhere with the six year old who left it out in the rain, he will accidentally leave it there and you will have to go back for it.

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