Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Overheard: The Birthday Edition

Me [as Grace first woke up Monday morning]: Do you know what today is?

Grace: Josiah's baseball game? Church?

Me: No, it's your birthday!

Grace [excitedly]: It my birt'day? Yay! ...Am I three?!

Me: Yes, you are three! Can I hug my big three year old daughter?

Grace [seriously]: You a sweet Mommy...but I not a daughter.

She recently caught on that I sometimes refer to her as my daughter and was still fuzzy on what the word means. She's nearly got it now, but still has moments.


Robert: Happy birthday!

Grace [dejected]: No. It not my birt'day. Mommy's not fixin' me my cake!
It was 11 a.m. at the time.



Robert: Happy birthday!

Grace [dejected]: No. It not my birt'day. Mommy's still not fixin' me my cake!

The cake was baked, cooled, frosted, and decorated with plenty of time to spare. It would have been much less traumatizing for our birthday girl if it had been store-bought...but I think she still would have found a way to fret over it. And, yes, she wanted her cake for breakfast...and lunch...


The long-awaited, very pink cake:

The beautiful Birthday Girl:

A very dramatic singing of "Happy Birthday." Note that the candles have already been blown out. I relit them twice, but she was just a tad impatient...and then I gave up. ;)

This is what happened before the singing...Grace laughing at herself about blowing out the candles too soon:

Grace opening her big present. Her exact words were, "Oh, yes!!" Y'all, she gushed. And then squealed.

She loved the pink gloves, too.

And after she ran around the room several times and practiced "spinnin'" in her new dress,

she asked everyone to dance with her.

During clean up, Miss Muffy was intensely interested in the leftover cake that hadn't yet been transferred to its own container...

Happy birthday, Grace!


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Anonymous said...

She is so precious!!!

I am very impressed with your cake making skills.


Mama to 12, so far said...

Awww, she sure is a beauty! She looks so cute in her dress.

Happy Birthday to Grace! But don't tell her because then she might expect another cake and to be four! LOL!!!!!

Dannielle said...

I absolutely cannot believe how time files. She's already three, our "oldest" look like they are already teenagers, and our middle boys are getting that grown up mentality as well. We are getting old Amy. Well, at least I am! LOL

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