Friday, February 13, 2009


Josiah: By the time you are 13, Robert and I will be gone. We'll be in our own house.

Grace [shocked and dismayed at this thought]: And I will be so sad!

Josiah: Why will you be sad?

Grace: Because I don't want you and Robert to be gone!

Josiah assure her that she could come and visit them.

Grace: But who will drive me?!?

And, yes, he's a little off on his math. But (gulp!) not by much...


Robert: The Lake of Death actually froze all the way down! The poor sock puppets are probably like this... [he demonstrates with a grotesque pose]


Grace [yelling out the back door]: Josiah!! Get outta da water!!

The Little Momma...And, to be correct, Josiah wasn't playing in water. It was actually ice, seeing as it was 30 degrees when he was out there.


Josiah [suddenly appearing in the doorway]: Hey, Mom! I'm gonna ride my bike around the neighborhood!

Me: No, you're not.

I can't trust him in the front yard by himself...

Grace [suddenly appearing in the doorway]: Hey, Mom! I'm gonna ride...around the couch! And around the table!

Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete jumps out. Who is still in the boat?


Me: Thank you, sweetheart!

Josiah disappears from the room. Grace eyes me, the empty doorway, and me again suspiciously.

Grace: Who did you call "sweetheart"?

Me: Josiah.

Grace [upset]: But I your sweetheart! Not Josiah!


Last but not least, the following is "overheard" from other blogs.

Sophie, a.k.a. BooMama, and Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer have touching posts about the Compassion trip they went on one year ago. Please read them (here and here). And if you sponsor a Compassion child, please write to them...often. You are making a difference! (Go ahead and read that, too, while you're at it.)


And I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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