Monday, October 14, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I'm a little late in joining in with this week's scavenger hunt!  Here are my interpretations.

(All photos are SOOC [straight out of the camera] except for cropping.)

M is for...morning glories.  There are still a few blooming each day in our yard.

What you saw today:  A boy loving on our puppy.

Josiah (11) with Bono (18 mos. old).  Bono is a Bouvier des Flandres and weighs over 80 lbs.

Corner:  This one is from a couple of weeks ago, when I took a bunch of photos of a local historic church.  (Click over to see more.)

Pink:  A pink sunset over our church.

Hands:  I've said before how it's a little freaky impressive how often Grace (7) can catch butterflies with her bare hands.  She did it again last Friday...and didn't want to let her go.  She named the butterfly Angel and said she was her most favorite one.  She let little Angel just took a while.  And judging by the look on her face, it was among the most difficult things she has ever had to do.

Click on the link below to see others' photographs or to join in on the fun!  


Ida said...

Wonderful set. The Morning Glories are very pretty. That church shot is lovely and the look on your little girls face in the hands shot is just priceless.

Anonymous said...

Great series. I love the church shots, and the dog really looks like he's enjoying the attention.

Unknown said...

Great set! Love those morning glories! And the sunset is stunning! I love that your daughter can catch butterflies! (I'm a bit of a butterfly lover myself. Can't usually catch them with anything but my camera though.)

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