Saturday, May 5, 2012

Josiah the Builder

I've mentioned before that Josiah loves to build things, like his unusual (but functional) desk and his huge (non-functional) bird bath, as well as his idea of how to get leaves off the tree with a leaf swacker.  Well, he's been at it again.  He was very excited to tell me that he had built a new kind of skateboard--one where you can sit comfortably while you skate around. 

He calls it The Throne Chair.

When I saw the flimsy construction (nothing is actually attached to anything else), I was not as thrilled as he was.  But I tried to be a good momma and pretend while he demonstrated...

The motion (a.k.a., balancing so that nothing slides off the skateboard):

The braking system (a.k.a., lean to one side and the boards will slow you down): 

The victorious pose (a.k.a., be a goofball for the camera):

(I was a meanie and told him he couldn't ride his Throne Chair in the street.  Too many cars fly past our driveway all day long.)

Josiah could be dangerous if he could ever keep up with all his tools...  ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hope you have life insurance, health, death and dismemberment ins. on this child. lol

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